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Being generalists rather than a specialists, our "modus operandi" is to work with our clients to create solutions responding to their unique stylistic, functional and budgetary requirements.

Henry Wood, Architect, AIA

Educated in Oxford and originally licensed in England, Henry has practiced in the Bay Area since 1977. The present office was opened in 1993.


  • Site Analysis
  • Building Survey
  • Building and Interior
  • Design
  • Planning/Permit
  • Processing
  • Construction Drawings and Specifications
  • Construction Support

Nina Wood, Interior Design, ASID

With a degree in Art History, Nina moved to Denmark and then to England where she worked for the Oxford City & County Museum. Back in California with Henry, she has been practicing interior design and space planning for 25 years.


  • Interior design

  • Space planning: kitchen, office, closet, garage

  • Senior living solutions